Hi I’m Sattwika!

What is “Chronicles of a globetrotter”?

“Chronicles of a globetrotter” documents my journey of experiencing new destinations, food, and culture around the world.

What makes “Chronicles of a globetrotter” so unique?

Everything about “Chronicles of a globetrotter” is unique:

  • I’m not your typical travel blogger:
    • To start off, I am a very introvert and private person. I don’t like to share my personal life details with the world. If I met you on the road, I will definitely not be a conversation starter.
    • Also, I did not quit my job, sold my car or used up all of my life savings/ family’s money to travel around the world. Truth be told, I enjoy the stability of my ‘normal’ lifestyle and I don’t think I am ready to give that up as yet.
  • The name of the blog  ( I agree it’s a bit of a tongue twister) and its content :
    • Over the last decade, I have stayed and visited different places around the world – be it for education, for jobs or for vacation – making me a “globetrotter” (meaning: someone who travels regularly all over the world).  I have traveled solo as well as with family and friends.
    • This blog covers my journey to quench my wander-lust in forms of “chronicles” (meaning: written account).  I have loved learning about new cultures, tasting new food, seeing new destinations and experiencing new adventures.

I hope that my chronicles inspire others to see more of the world and become a true “globetrotter”.