Indulge in delicious bakery items at the iconic Kayani Bakery in Pune

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You can’t possibly go to Pune and not try the fantastic bakery items by the iconic Kayani Bakery on East Street. Found 1955, Kayani Bakery has withstood changing eatery scenarios over decades with their no-frills but heavenly scented, freshly baked treats.

Shrewsbury biscuits, Ginger biscuits, Butter rusks, Mawa Cake, Dark Chocolate Muffins, Choco Walnut Cake, Rainbow Cake, Vanilla Sponge Cake and Cream Rolls are all worth trying.

FotoJet 1
Clockwise from top: Mawa cake, Chocolate walnut cake, Shrewberry biscuit and Khari (puff)

The bakery has a really nice old world feel and has a constant crowd. They’re also quite quick with service. All the cookies are baked fresh every day and are super crisp and literally melts in your mouth.

Key tips to remember:

  • This is a takeaway outlet, hence no sitting arrangement.
  • Kayani Bakery sells ~220-250 kg of the biscuits per day. Still, they sell out pretty fast. Hence, try to go to the shop as early as possible before the stock gets out and check their timings also beforehand (typically open from 7:30AM to 1PM and again from 3:30PM to 8PM).
  • No card/online payment. Only cash payment. So carry enough cash!
  • Check out their blackboard menu for specials.


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