Ohri’s Nautanki Gali – Hyderabad

Nautanki Gali by Ohri’s is a must visit when in Hitech City area in Hyderabad. It is a delightful and truly dramatic desi themed restaurant.



Bollywood graffiti takes you back to 90s’ mohulla

If you are an ’80-90s kid who has lived in a gali in a mohulla (street in a busy neighbourhood) in northern parts of India, you will remember how the street walls used to be adorned by bright graffiti depicting advertisements of popular brands in those years (like Parag Saree, Dollar Underwear, etc), upcoming movie posters, political slogans and super colourful signboards.


Interiors filled with graffiti depicting advertisements of popular brands in yesteryears

The interior of this restaurant replicates the same loud desi feel. To add to the authenticity, they have real auto-rickshaws, a saloon, a chai shop and a cloth outlet for booths in which you can sit and eat! This place will bring back your childhood nostalgia – the cutting chai glass dividers, the racks of cold drinks bottles, the wine shop signboards, the roof decorated with multicolored triangular paper buntings used commonly during local fairs and festivals.

Quirky interiors include “chai” glasses, rims of bicycle tires, etc.
A real auto rickshaw in the middle of the restaurant, with seats converted into dining tables


As soon as you enter the place, you’ll be greeted by a traditional live music player whose companion will put on a live puppet show if you are waiting to get your table ready. There is a photographer who will click your photo and print them out within minutes.
The extremely vibrant waiting area


Coming to the food, the buffet has a generous spread. But who cares for food, when the entire ambiance screams of the old forgotten days! Even the minute details like coasters reading “Bunder Safety Matches” or “Appu Super Deluxe Safety Matches” to little aluminum school trunks which carry your bill add to the ambiance.

Cold drinks bottles, candy jars: all makes you nostalgic about childhood

All in all, this place is a must visit if you want to revisit your fun-filled childhood days.

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