Starbucks vs Tim Hortons: The battle of coffee


Starbucks is a global coffee brand with its roots of origin in the US, while Tim Hortons its not-so-known Canadian counterpart.

Many of you know I am partial towards anything Canadian when compared to the US (come on – compare life expectancy, global education ranking, healthcare costs, natural beauty, anything – Justin Trudeau ❤️ vs Trump 😐). However, I will try to contain myself comparing only coffees as of now.

Ordering experience: 
Try ordering a simple coffee at Starbucks! You need to know the difference between a Macchiato / an Americano / an Espresso. If your order isn’t something as fancy as “a double espresso with half fat soy latte hold the foam”, you will feel out of the crowd. On the other hand, Tim Hortons just needs to know if you want milk or cream and/or sugar – your order goes like “double double” (two cream two sugar).

Taste is very subjective, but what I understand is this – Tim Horton’s regular coffee offers a lighter taste, hence a stronger caffeine content (the more you roast coffee, the less caffeine it contains). They also offer a dark roast option for people who would prefer a bolder taste.

Starbucks coffee is way costlier than Tim Hortons. All that customization is definitely going to cost you more bucks.

Tim Hortons is found in every nook and corner of Canada, only very recently they have started going international. On the other hand, Starbucks is a global brand – opening new outlets in new countries each day.

Final Verdict: 
I like my coffee cheap and simple – hence my vote goes to Tim Hortons.

Comment to let me know which coffee you like better!

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