Try Off-beat Uber Rides!!


Look beyond typical car and SUV rides while booking your next UBER.

UberMOTO: Looking to save time and money on short trips? Book a ride on a motorcycle and enjoy the most affordable option! Currently operational at parts of India and Bangkok.

UberBOAT: Want to go island hopping in the seas? Looking cross from Europe to Asia or vice versa? Add more sparkle to your adventure by hiring a boat all to yourself! Currently operational at Croatia and Istanbul.

UberCHOPPER: Uber launches helicopter rides around the globe sporadically to give riders a quick aerial tour of cities. Eg. Mumbai/Pune, India (during Father’s Day 2014); Nairobi / Mombasa, Kenya (2016); Cape Town, South Africa (2015); Cannes, France (during Cannes Film Festival, 2015).

UberAUTO: Following its close rival Ola in India, Uber had launched UberAUTO in 2015 allowing riders to book an autorickshaw/ tuk-tuk. But its services were shortly canceled.

So, watch out for the next crazy UberRIDE happening near you!!

PS: By the time you read this chronicle, some of the rides mentioned above might no longer be serviced by Uber given how frequently Uber runs into problems with local Govts. and other taxi operators!!


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