Drive from Split to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Looking to travel between Split and Dubrovnik (two of Croatia’s classic destinations)? I would suggest renting a car for a memorable road trip along the coastline.

Reason? …. Check out the pictures yourself.

The entire ~212km (~132miles) stretch of coastal road rewards some of the most breathtaking views of the blue Adriatic Sea and tiny coastal towns tucked by the sea. This scenic route takes about 3-4 hours (even more if you stop to click pictures…I mean come on each frame is more picturesque than other).

The driving route from Split to Dubrovnik via Bosnia and Herzegovina

The route takes you along road D8 from Split via Omis, Makarska to Ploce (Croatia), Neum corridor (Bosnia-Herzegovina), and from there all the way to Dubrovnik (Croatia).

1. This route includes crossing Neum corridor, part of Bosnia-Herzegovina (not part of Croatia or Schengen countries). So, keep your passport handy for border checking.

2. This route has no tolls but can get quite busy during the summers (peak tourist season).

Sea..Mountains..Sky…Nature at its best! 
Passing through Croatian towns
Endless blue sea
Blue sea and small islands on the backdrop of blue sky

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