Pav Bhaji, Mumbai

Pav Bhaji is a very popular dish in Western India especially Mumbai. Simply put Pav Bhaji comprises of Pav (a type of bread bun shallow fried in butter) and Bhaji (a spicy curry of mixed vegetables).


Though such a simple food, Pav Bhaji is an institution by itself.

Pav bhaji was first introduced in Mumbai almost 200 years ago to serve textile workers with a wholesome meal. Now it has evolved as a regular staple in Western India – be it on busy streets, at home or in fanciest restaurants or dinner parties. Over years, Pav Bhaji has been modified into different variations like cheese pav bhaji, paneer (cottage cheese) pav bhaji, mushroom pav bhaji or even khada pav bhaji (where the vegetables are kept whole instead of mashing them).

So next time you are in this part of the world don’t forget to indulge yourself in an utterly, buttery delicious plate of Pav Bhaji!!! My personal favorites: Sardar Pav Bhaji (Tardeo), Achija (Ghatkopar East) and street food stalls at Juhu Chowpatty (Juhu).

Yummy, buttery Pav Bhaji!!

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