Spend a perfect day at Berry Barn – Saskatoon

One of the most relaxing getaways from the hustle of the Saskatoon city is the Berry Barn. This place offers some of the most beautiful views of the South Saskatchewan River and becomes a paradise, especially during the berry harvesting seasons.

In summer of 2010, while I was in Saskatoon, I wanted to get a taste of what type of wilderness Canadian countryside had to offer. A short drive away from the hustle bustle of the city of Saskatoon lies the quiet and charming Berry Barn.

Scenic Saskatchewan River:
The Saskatchewan River flowing right by the side of the barn is hard to miss when you enter the barn. It felt only natural that I’d gravitate straight for the riverfront – offering picturesque views of sunsets, rivers, orchards, and countryside.

Beautiful gardens overlooking the Saskatoon river
View of Saskatoon river from the Barn
Picturesque views anywhere you look
Picture perfect
Perfect views

Country-style dining room/ patio:
I took a break from all the gazing to fill up my stomach with some delicious food in their in-house restaurant. This country-style dining room/ patio has a prime position on the waterfront, perfect for people watching. One can choose from a wide-spread of breakfast items, soups, salads, sandwiches, or homestyle meals all made from fresh produce. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a fresh dessert! You’ll be amazed by their fresh pie/waffle with whipped cream and freshly made berry jam/compote!! Did I mention the jam is heavenly?

From top clockwise: Crunchiest spring rolls, freshly made pasta with local veggies and fresh pie with whipped cream and freshly made berry compote

Picking up berries (seasonal):
I had heard so much about how much berry picking is. Unfortunately, when I was there, it wasn’t yet the berry picking season. Hence missed that opportunity! But the barn has a craft store where one can buy the barn’s exclusive line of berry jams, jellies, and toppings made in their kitchen round the year.


Gift shop:
I know it sounds touristy to visit gift shops, but wait for it…this gift shop does not contain regular touristy souvenirs (like fridge magnet, hats, maps, etc). This gift shop prides itself on selling handmade, unique gifts and seasonal fashion! Each artifact was made to perfection.

The unique gift-shop

The barn boasts of some of the finest and beautiful plants covered with flowers in their greenhouse. Definitely worth a visit to capture Instagram-worthy shots.


Colorful greenhouse

Overall it was a splendid day I spent unwinding myself in the midst of nature.

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